Installing and running kTBS

These tutorials aim at helping you install kTBS and running it, either as a standalone service or behind an HTTP server such as Apache or nginx.

It has been written using Debian like systems : Debian wheezy (> 7.n) and Ubuntu server (from 12.10 to 14.10), but should be applicable with only minor changes (if any) to other flavours of Linux, and a few adaptation on MacOS or MS Windows [1].

Common Prerequisites

kTBS is a Python application, so you need Python installed; more precisely, you need version 2.7 of Python. kTBS is not compatible with older version, nor with the newer Python 3. Python 2.7 will typically be already pre-installed on your Linux distribution.

As some dependencies need to be compiled, you will need the gcc compiler and Python developer files. You can get them with:

$ sudo apt-get install gcc python-dev

We also advise you to use virtualenv, this tool creates an isolated Python environment, so that kTBS and its dependencies can be installed without interference with Python packages installed in your system. To install virtualenv, type:

$ sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv


[1]a tutorial for installing Python and Virtualenv on Windows is available at
[2]the protocol, server name and port number depend on the enclosing VirtualHost directive