Base resources represent the trace bases hosted by the system.


A base is created by a POST query to the KtbsRoot. It must have the following properties:


Retrieve a description of the base. This description contains information about the base (label, owner, etc.) and the list of items (Trace, Model, Method) it contains, with their types.

It is also possible to enrich the graph returned by GET with information about the items of the base, using the property prop containing a comma-separated list of the following properties:

  • comment to display the rdfs:comments of items,
  • hasModel to display the model of traces,
  • hasSource to display the sources of traces,
  • label to display the rdfs:labels of skos:prefLabel of items,
  • obselCount to display the number of obsels of traces.


This allows to change some information about the base. Items of a base can not be modified that way, and may therefore be ommitted from the payload.


Deletes the base.

TODO: decide whether a base can be deleted if it is not empty.

Description constraints

The description of a base must be star shaped.